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While the Coffee Grounds Settle

Art Exhibition
Lead Designer and Strategist

"While the Coffee Grounds Settle [was] an exhibition celebrating the diversity of women in the United Arab Emirates through the lens of fluid, inclusive spaces that center cultures of femininity.Inspired by the curatorial statement, the creative direction of the exhibition's visual identity evokes the modern and diverse experiences of these artists, and spaces – in a way that contrasted an American audience's traditional view of women in Middle East culture. 

From the idea of fluidity and shared conversation emerged the exhibition icon – a graphic that references both the settling of matter in liquid and sound waves or ripples. Centered around the logo, the branding reflects both modernity and femininity, employing English and Arabic typography, warm colors, and referencing Emirati visual culture. Our goal was to attract a younger, culturally-aware US audience, and create surprise and interest with visuals that felt familiar yet unexpected within this new context.

The project included logo design, branding and identity, environmental design (signage, wayfinding), posters, roll-up banners, postcards, stickers, print and digital exhibition booklets, promotional campaigns, wall labels, and social media.  

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