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Emirati Women's Day 2022

Social Media Campaign
Lead Designer and Strategist

Emirati Women’s Day is commemorated every year on August 28. The General Women’s Union of the United Arab Emirates was founded on this day and this unique holiday is observed to recognize Emirati women’s efforts and to honor their devotion, fortitude, dreams, and accomplishments in shaping the United Arab Emirates.

Each Emirati Women's Day, the UAE Embassy develops a social media campaign focusing on celebrating the accomplishments of Emirati women in a wide range of sectors. For 2022, I designed patterns that referenced traditional UAE visual culture, and evoked an abstract sense of diversity and creativity. These patterns served as the frame for the social media posts, focusing on Emirati women in business, and larger UAE gender
equality achievements.

The project included social media graphics, including templates, quotes, and infographics, and pattern design.

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