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Email Marketing

Email and Template Design
Lead Designer

Select designs created for the UAE Embassy and Alaffia email marketing with emphasis on mobile-optimized user experience.


As a government entity, email communications from the Embassy are solely in the form of the monthly newsletter or breaking news blast, featuring topics and graphics in alignment with the editorial calendar themes. I modernized and streamlined the previously busy, cluttered design, matching the new Embassy visual direction reflected on the website. Since the redesign, the email open rate has increased steadily by 7% per quarter.


Alaffia marketing emails sent out on a weekly cadence, focusing on different product families or ingredients per the editorial calendar. During the holidays, the focus shifted primarily to the empowerment projects in the spirit of giving back, with additional emphasis on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and general gift-giving. Copy and messaging was driven by the design team, in collaboration with copywriters and leadership. 

The projects included custom graphics, design, and templates.

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